Major Email Bug in CPanel


Nov 20, 2001
Hey Guys,

When you set a default email address for all unrouted email it removes the hyphen. So something like [email protected] becomes [email protected] therefore rendering this basic feature completely useless for those with hyphens in domain names.

I strongly suggest that before you start adding more features you make sure you don\'t break the basic features. CPanel was good until a few weeks ago, now your programmers have introduced some major bugs.

Words can not describe how furious I am that you have actually managed to create new bugs...

Also the new Forum installation option does not work!.. since my with my host it can\'t automatically create databases.. do you plan on adding anymore features that do not work or introducing any more bugs? When I imagine your offices all I can see is a bunch of clowns sitting at their workstations smoking crack... enough said

A very angry customer.



Active Member
Aug 16, 2001
hi pete

something you can do to avoid the cpanel bugs that get introduced with updates is remove the line in your cron that runs the update... then when you feel its safe (there haven\'t been reports here of all hell breaking loose) update cpanel manually. each time you update cpanel you will have to remove the cron line.. a little extra work, but it ensures that most of the major bugs never see the light of day on your servers. :)

remember to report the bugs you find here:
and not on these forums, since posting the bugs on the forums makes them hard to track down for the programmers.