Major mail queue problems


Dec 4, 2002
As a reseller for 2 Cpanel hosts, it seems there are still big issues with emails not arriving to correct pops on cpanel servers on a random basis (at least random for the moment as i cant find a pattern). It seems the mail hits the server but does not get delivered to the correct pop sometimes for days. Could be a file locking problem but could be something else as when there is an issue, mail arrives from some isps but from other isps it gets stuck. (hotmail seems to be one of those isps it doesnt like mail from on these occasions)

Is anbody else with the same problem and any solutions found?

Can the makers of Cpanel comment on this as well please as is most serious problem and will put off many prospective and current cpanel users off this buggy peice of software! All other bugs are nothing compared to emails not arriving, some of them will costs hosts their whole hosting business!


Dec 31, 2002
Hi, I found a roundabout fix

I Believe I have found a roundabout fix to this major problem. I am also suffering radomly from multiple pops having major delays, sometimes resulting in Exim bounceback messages to senders.

I have confirmed through my multiple testing that the following works:

I sent test emails to the &problematic& accounts from Hotmail. I waited and waited and still no emails. Then, I went in with neomail (of course the test emails were not there). Then sent a new email from hotmail and the new one arrived IMMMEDIATELY (while the old ones came shortly afterwards).

When you first go into neomail it does something that eradicates the delayed delivery of mail to certain pop problem. Simple : whenever i go into neomail it eradicates this problem (sometimes for a few days, and other times eradicated pronblem on that pop forever).

Does anyone know why this does this, as I would hate to go into every single of all my clients pop account with neomail on a daily basis to keep emails arriving on time. Is there maybe a way to do a chron job that will &recreate& what neomail does. It MUST be something to do with permissions and folders etc... it must be...


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Jun 1, 2002
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Better yet. If the original issue can be fixed, by analyzing what NeoMail is doing. Then you wouldn't need any cron job or script, since the issue wouldn't exist anymore. :)