Make a cPanel accont email only?

John G

May 8, 2018
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I have a client who wants to change his account from domain and email hosting to email only hosting, now i can delete his website from the file manager but if i do that when some one goes to his domain they will see the default contents of the public HTML folder.
is there a way i can set it up that if they go to his domain they get a blank page , or a no website page or anything, i have full access to the whm portal and full access to the domain record

thanks in advance


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @John G,

If the account is assigned it's own dedicated IP address, then you could disable access to Apache completely by using WHM Home » Service Configuration » Apache Configuration » Reserved IPs Editor. Otherwise, you could setup a placeholder page named index.html or index.php in the public_html directory to display the contents of your preference (e.g. a blank page).

You may also want to setup a new package for this account with the Feature List set to Mail Only using WHM >> Add a Package and then assign the new package to the account using WHM >> Upgrade/Downgrade an Account. This will ensure only the email-related features appear in cPanel for this account.

Thank you.