Manage RDS databases from WHM / cPanel


Apr 3, 2011
My cPanel server was originally set up long before there was support for RDS. When I moved all my databases to RDS a few years ago, there were some workarounds and hacks, and I was fine with that. But I've recently set up a new server with the latest CentOS and fresh cPanel install and moved all accounts over with the transfer tool. The active (and only) MySQL profile is the RDS connection, and it's fully validated (all 7 activation steps are checked). Despite this, there's no way for me to manage databases. cPanel accounts don't even have a Databases section, and the rebuild_dbmap tool says "No active database engines were found". MySQL is not running at all on the cPanel server, all my databases are on RDS.

All of the databases are working just fine, sites (WordPress, etc.) can connect to them and perform all required operations. It's just management of the databases themselves that is not available. Whenever I create a new account, for example, I have to create the database and user and permissions manually through the mysql command line.

Is there a setting or the line that I'm missing somewhere? I don't see how having an RDS profile which can't actually interact with RDS is useful...


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about this issue with the database settings. For this issue, it might be best if we had access to the server directly through a ticket - could you get one submitted to our team so we can check that? If you're able to do that, please post the ticket number here so I can follow along and keep this thread updated.