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Dec 27, 2015
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Hi all

I have just purchased a Reseller Package mainly to allow a few of my website owners to access their websites directly if they wish. I have been managing them through my cpanel using add on domains for some time so I am familiar pretty much with cpanel.

However I am struggling to find basic information on how to manage WHM and the Accounts. Basic stuff like what the FTP details are for each account.

I have spent some time searching for tutorials and general help on WHM and Accounts and what I have found does not seem to answer my questions.

So is there someone who would act as a mentor for me for a short while so that I can get the hang of using WHM? I doubt it would be more than a few hours of time. Ideally someone who has set up and is managing a few accounts.

Thank you in anticipation.



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May 20, 2003
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The documentation may be of some use to you:
WebHost Manager® (WHM®) User Guide - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Short of that (and you really should start there), you might ask your question more precisely for assistance.

I have been managing them through my cPanel using add on domains
You'll need to manually move each of these addon accounts, there is no tool to move them to their own cPanel account, from yours.

Basic stuff like what the FTP details are for each account.
When you create a new cPanel account, after creating your Packages, and then pointing the domain to your server's nameservers, and the user account name is johnsmit... that user can login to his FTP account at using johnsmit and the password you created for that new account. Or, your servers IP address that the johnsmit account is using.