SOLVED Manually configured apache/httpd.conf removed on apache update

Jerald Feller

Feb 14, 2017
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Good Day Guys,

I'm installing a php framework that will be use in one of the subdomains in my clients server.
The php framework required to modify the httpd.conf configuration to make it run well. I did what on the frameworks document in configuring httpd.conf.

At first I did now know that every manual configuration will be reverted after an apache update.

and i notice that use Include to retain the configuration and I did. But the apache updated and the Include is also reverted.

this my Include line in httpd.conf

Include "/etc/apache2/conf .d/includes/dashboard_virutalhost.conf"

I'm a beginner in terms of apache configuration so it might be I'm missing something and I dont know what it is.

Thanks you