Master/Slave DNS Setup between 2 Cpanel Servers


Jul 11, 2003

I've done lots of searching and found much useful information but I have never done this before and I wanted to see if I could get some assistance, a guide or something of that nature.

I have 2 Servers, 1 has redhat 7.3 and cpanel, the other has FreeBSD 4.8 w/cpanel.

both are at geographically diverse locations on different networks.

The redhat/cpanel server is production with many domains hosted on it. The freebsd/cpanel box is new and ready to go.

I want to use the redhat box as the Master and the freebsd box as the slave.

I can't find anything that confirms exactly what I need to do to make this work, i could just make the new box standalone with 2 nameservers of it's own but I'd prefer to give some redundancy to my dns setup.

If anyone is able or has information on exactly how I would need to make this transition please let me know. I appreciate it.