Merge different servers into single VPS


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Jul 27, 2002
Hello Everyone :

My company has 6 cpanel servers and since we are moving to VPS VM host, we have decided to integerate 6 server into 3 VM host server, doing this will save us cpanel licence cost and also save on hardware.

But the issue that we have is,

a) 6 servers have 6 diff ips.
b) We have 1 ip address bined to every server and that is the A recorod for very domain on the server.
c) We control the DNS of all the sites hosted on these servers.

Now,we want to merge eg. 2 serers into one VPS, BUT we are not able to reach to conclusive decision or method, as to how can we achieve this.

If any one on board has done this previously or has any suggestions, can you please share the same with me.

Thank you,


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Sep 26, 2006
Virginia Beach, VA
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You may want to get a professional to handle this - it could get sticky.

First, if you don't manage the DNS for these domains, it's best to keep their IPs. You can set multiple sites on the same IP, it's just not directly supported in cpanel short of making manual changes to the Apache config. This is assuming you are allowed to keep your IPs after the move. If not, you have to change them all to the IP of the new server.

Second, moving the accounts would be easy - just back full cpanel backups of all of them and restore the backups on the new server.


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Jul 27, 2002
Vanessa :

I appreciate your response, Well we do mange the DNS of all the sites hosted with us, Secondly we will be using the same set of IP's on the VM that we are currently using on our physical server.

I have almost sorted out all the issues, except one...

When i transfer all the accounts on my VM, which is running a temporary cpanel license with a diff ip address, All the accounts that i fetch from the physical machine will change to the temporary IP address on this VM, AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO AVOID.

i need all my accounts to retain their original ip's coz this VM will eventually change to the IP address of my physical machine.

How can i do this ? any ideas any one ????


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Apr 11, 2011

You can use the IP Migration Wizard to change all accounts from one IP address to another:

IP Migration Wizard

Once you transfer all of the accounts to the new server, simply use the IP Migration Wizard to change them all over to the IP address of your choice.

Thank you.