Message is no longer available on the server


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Mar 6, 2003
chown -R us.*yourbase*
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This seems to happen randomly with outlook / outlook express in combination with Courrier IMAP.

IMAP accounts configured in these and possibly other mail readers occassionally download the headers of the email but when one goes to preview or read it the error occurs on the local machine:

Message is no longer available on the server
Outlook Express is unable to retrieve the requested message because the server no longer has the message available.

News servers regularly expire articles as they get older to make space available for newer articles.
IMAP servers can be accessed by multiple e-mail programs at the same time. If you are using two programs to access your mail the list of messages maybe out of date. Use the refresh command to update this list.

Outlook Express
Its a bit misleading as often times no other mail programs are configured to access the same inbox. The other problem is that the emails in this state are not able to be purged after they have een deleted.

Does anyone know what is causing these email corruptions?

The cure seems to go into webmail like horde and retrieve the message and then delete if from there, also you can setup another machine like a laptop or whatever to connect to the inbox and do it from there.

Its pretty hoakey to have to tell people to do this so it would be nice if someone has an idea of why iot is happening in the first place. We never saw this with the old IMAP server before the courrier update.