Migrate cPanel server hdd to other Hardware/Server


Apr 19, 2020
Athens, Greece
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I need to move physically "as is" an ssd hard drive from a small working server to a brand new one.

The server (this server) is working perfectly right now & it is working behind a fiber to the home router, in my home.
This is a small hp proliant micro server gen 10 with a very small 2core processor.

I just make a custom build from new pc parts a new serever with the following config:

Cpu amd 3900x (12core-24threads)
Motherboard gigabyte b450 aorus pro
16 bg ecc ram
256 gb ssd (from the hp microserver)

After a complete check to the new server, trying to install centos on another ssd everything working fine.

Then I just shutdown & unplug the ssd from the microsrver & plug it back in to the new server.

Everything seems to work fine, except some multiple lines with the same error messages regarding KVM.
Need to make some adjustments to KVM? Uninstall it & reinstall it will solve this?

In bottom line, Is this the right way to go with physical ssd migration? Is there something different that needs to be adjusted? i.e. network card settings.

How can I do this the right way?

Please help!
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Nov 14, 2017
I'm glad that the move between servers went over well but I am unsure if I'm able tell you the answer to the KVM errors. This is something best geared towards a system administrator. What are the errors specifically and where are you seeing them?