Migrate from FreeBSD to CentOS ??




I've been running FreeBSD 5.x now for almost a year and never found it to run the way i liked it.
Always problems, things failing or simply not installing.
A few days ago my harddisk was filled up all of a sudden to it's max.
In the haste of finding what was causing it and quickly erasing some large files i stumbled across /home/virtfs which contained lots of stuff including homedirs of older non-present users.
I quickly rm -rf it and completely broke FreeBSD.
The only thing that is still running is Apache :eek:
I'm hosting about 30 accounts on the server so it isnt that much.
After trying out a couple of linux dists i found that CentOS worked the best with cpanel.
Nice clean install, no error msgs and everything starting perfectly during boot.
The old hdd is still mounted but simply is missing things like /usr/lib and such.
My plan was to do a fresh install on a new 180gb hdd and mount the other one so i can retreive files and sqldatabases and such.
The most important thing is that all data like email accounts, sql accounts, ftp accounts and such are transferred to the new hdd.
http.conf, proftpd.conf and named.conf (and all zones) can be simply just copied i guess.
Where do i find all the cpanelinfo of all my clients, which files need to be copied ?
To what do i need to pay attention to whilst performing this task.

Another option is to try and fix the current FreeBSD install, reboot, mount the new hdd as slave (with os and cpanel already installed) and manually create cpanel backups for each client, putting them on the new hdd and afterwards simply boot from the new hdd with fresh cpanel install and restoring all the made backups.

I simply want to migrate from FreeBSD to CentOS because i'm fed up with FreeBSD and afraid this just makes things unstable.

Could it be this simple ?
Has anybody tried this before and is it possible to almost do this seamlessly ?
Im wondering which option is best ... and if it's possible.


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Nov 3, 2003
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Well you cant exactly migrate them, since its a totally different operating system. What you can do, (i did the same thing) is do a full backup of your accounts, install linux+cpanel, and then restore the accounts from the backup.