Migrating a domain from webmin - ubuntu


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Mar 5, 2014
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When I'm migrating a domain from one ubuntu server to my centos server with cpanel, the images are no longer recognized, the names are incorrect, words containing special characters are left with a strange name. How can I solve this?

I will explain exactly what is happening.

I own a site on another server, which runs the version of ubuntu. When I do transfer these files to your cpanel server, he changes some file names, adding distinctive character.

For example, on the old server I have the "DSCF2751correção_detalhe.jpg" file, and when it is migrated to the new server, this name is renamed to "DSCF2751corre#U00c3#U00a7#U00c3#U00a3o_detalhe.jpg".

I wonder why is this happening. Is it any configuration language of the system? I need to resolve this as quickly as possible because my clients are facing huge problems with this.
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