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Dec 4, 2010

First, I am not a DB Admin. I mostly do WordPress custom theming and functionality configs. I only know enough to get the job done, such as setting up a new cPanel account, moving a completed site manually to a new server, etc.

In an effort to become more efficient, I'm using the Migrate tool in WHM to move a completed WordPress website from our dev server to our production server. This process is new to me, as I used to move sites manually.

:: The migration tool is easy to use and works well. No problems here.
:: The Modify Account tool works well too. I can change for example, "myDevSite.thewebsite.com" to "clientURL.com" and the website homepage comes up in the browser. However, anything beyond the homepage links back to the dev site.

So, it would seem the problem is that the Modify Account tool doesn't seem to modify all (or any?) tables in the database. Normally if I go through the process of moving a website manually, I create a new cPanel account, new DB, insert dev DB contents into new DB, then modify the database using this:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com') WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, 'http://www.old-domain.com','http://www.new-domain.com');

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com');
But it seems when using the Migrate method even if I use that code on the database after migration and re-naming, it seems to have a negative impact on the site, as it now throws a ton of errors and does not display properly.

So, my questions is:

1. Using the Migrate/Modify Account function method, how can I modify the database so that the correct domain is called? In other words, my goal is to move a site from the dev server to the production server and make it run using the client's url.

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The WHM migration tool only migrates the cPanel account from one server to another - it does not transcend into your website's code and databases to change content. If it did, I'm sure doing so would be more harmful than helpful.

Changing the site options in the database should be enough to make the Wordpress site work, but it's hard to tell why the site isn't working without actually seeing an example or the code of the site. You may want to consider hiring someone to look at this for you.

Also a tip: you may want to consider creating a postrestoreacct script hook to automatically change the DB settings for you after an account is restored.

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