Migrating cPanel accounts from a remote server - WHM won't reserve primary IP


Jun 28, 2004
I created a full backup from the remote server, downloaded the file via SFTP from root, and uploaded it to my new server via SFTP in root.

I have no problem importing it, everything goes smooth.

I want a specific IP address to be binded to the new account when it's imported, but for some reason it only wants to assign it to my primary IP.

The additional IP range is setup properly (I'm able to move accounts to it, but for some reason that's not working in this case) I tried changing the IP of the account but it wouldn't resolve that way...restarted the network ip tables, performed a yum update, restarted the DNS/bind server AND rebooted the box.

I used the reserved IP script and checked the box with my main IP so that it wouldn't be used and it's still assigning it to new accounts for some reason.

How can I reserve the main IP so that it will bever be assigned to any new accounts?

Did I miss something?
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