migrating cPanel server using "dd"


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Feb 27, 2010
Hello all, I've got to transfer my server to a new hardware, the hard drives will change, even the volume of those drives will change .. i was wondering how can i migrate without having to go through the headache of re-configuring everything, i did some search and everyone was suggesting new installation on the new server and then moving the accounts using WHM, but i have made considerable changes in my configuration i would really like not to repeat all that again, so it came to me i could use dd to clone the drives from a rescue DVD so i have 2 questions here:

is this method recommended?

and should the destination drive have "EXACTLY" same amount of sectors as the source one? or since the remaining sectors are empty dd can ignore them? .. i can still make the destination drive larger than the source one .. i just wanna know if they should EXACTLY MATCH

and it would be of great help if someone can post an iptables rule to redirect all traffic to the new server while DNS propagates