Migrating Email from MS Exchange to cPanel

Jijo Joseph

May 24, 2018
United Arab Emirates
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Greetings Experts,

We are trying to migrate our emails from an MS Exchange Server to a CPanel server hosted on GoDaddy. We have setup all email accounts and backed up all mailboxes to be migrated. However, I am not sure what should be the MX Record, A Record and CName for our new email system? The new email server is hosted on a GoDaddy server that hosts another email server in CPanel. Also the name of the server is different from the server that is hosting the website for our company.

Any help is appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Jijo Joseph,

Do you have root access to the server at GoDaddy, or is it a shared hosting plan? If it's a shared plan, please contact their support team to determine the specific A, MX, and CNAME entries you should use. If you have root access, you can browse to WHM >> Edit DNS Zone to review the entries utilized in the DNS zone on the cPanel server.

Thank you.