migrating entire server from Plesk 11 to CPanel


Jun 4, 2014
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I am looking at upgrading a server from Debian/Plesk 11 to an new CentOS/cPanel machine leased from a hosting service.

I am wondering how easy/difficult it would be to migrate the vhosts, (Postfix) mail etc. etc across. I know Plesk offers a migration tool from Cpanel but I don't know of one that goes this way. I also see that there is a service available from cPanel to migrate ('No job too big!'), but I need to find out if this is available to me before I lease the machine, otherwise I'm stuck with Plesk. This means I don't have an 'operational cPanel server' which is required for me to submit a migration request ticket.

Can someone give me more info - I don't want to get started and then find I cannot get help (I note that the service has a caveat - 'We reserve the right to deny this service. Final testing and validation are explicitly the responsibility of the requester of this service.'). I am happy to do testing and validation but I have no idea how much work is involved in this migration and without support I will be forced to stick to migrating Plesk to Plesk...

Thanks in advance


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, we do offer a complimentary migration service from Plesk to cPanel. The process, including how to get started, is documented here:

Migrate to cPanel

Go ahead and follow the guidelines on the above document on how to open a ticket and our migration specialists can begin the initial evaluation.

Thank you.