Migrating large sites between cPanel accounts


Dec 16, 2013
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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of finishing off a port of an old website into Magento, the original site was written in a custom CMS and is very large - around 40Gb in total and uses a different user account to their new test site.

My initial thought was to do the following:

Prior to Migration
  1. Modify their current account to use a different primary domain (i.e $CustomerName.$MyCompany.co.uk)
  2. Park their current "live" domain on top of the domain I set in step 1
  3. Compress and copy their mail folder from the live account to the test account

During Migration
  1. Remove the parking of their "live" domain
  2. Modify their "dev" account to use the "live" domain
  3. Set up the email account again in cPanel
  4. Delete the current mail folder in their "dev" account, extract the archive previously placed there.

Can someone advise me in the best practice to do something like this? I remember someone telling me once that its a bad idea to change the domain on an account?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can modify the domain name associated with an account via:

"WHM Home » Account Functions » Modify an Account"

This option works as you would expect it to, and I see no reason why someone would advise against it. As far as your other concerns, I believe your use of the word "migration" might confuse others here. You are not actually transferring accounts, right? Are you just seeking to change the domain name of an existing account and copy the mail?

Thank you.