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Jun 24, 2004
I am migrating all of my users to a new server and was wondering how I can / should move my nameservers from the old box to the new one. The old box ( will be retired.

I have: @ 68.x.x.1 @ 68.x.x.2 @ 68.x.x.3

and 200.x.x.1 @ 200.x.x.2 @ 200.x.x.3

I would like to point ns1/ns2 to the two nameserver IPs for

So I end up with @ 200.x.x.2 @ 200.x.x.3 @ 200.x.x.2 @ 200.x.x.3

I have Shared IP's enable, but I don't do reseller accounts, so whats the safest/best way to accomplish this in WHM?


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Mar 14, 2003

When I have done this I have moved the old namservers along instead of setting up new ones. But I have also done it the way you want to do it.

If you are not going to use the old name servers for new accounts you
just need to add A records in DNS for ns1 and ns2.oldserver and then
change the IP's with your registrar.

So just add ns1.old... and ns2.old... as new dns record or add the domain name oldserver... and then edit that dns record with ns1 and ns2.