Migrating Plesk to cPanel, couple questions Re: MySQL/DNS..


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Jan 25, 2002
I have a box running an OLD version of plesk, Migration will not be an issue as this is already tested. I have 10 or so IP's on the plesk box currently, and plan to move those over to the new cPanel box when I'm ready to do the switch.

We are currently using the plesk machine for DNS on those domains hosted on that box. We want to use the same DNS server names so people dont have to switch anything at the registrar level. What should I do to prepare for this? I already have the two name servers listed in "Basic Setup", and for some reason when I try to add the IP in "Main >> Networking Setup >> Nameserver IPs", it sits at assigning forever and never actually does anything. "might have something to do with the service actually running, but the status says its not".

As for MySQL Db's, I understand current DB names will be replaced as username_dbname where it used to be just dbname. Anyone have any clever way to help find config's with the DBName so that we can help make those changes for the customer?

Thanks in advance!