Migrating server from 32Bit to 64bit Centos, host name stays the same


Mar 4, 2014
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Perhaps this isn't really a new user question....

I've inherited a cpanel installation on a server which for whatever reason was installed with 32 bit Centos 6.5 instead of 64bit. I hope no one else sees this "oops in the wild".

Forgive me if there is a how-to suggestion out there already.

For this reason and others, we wish to "clone" the server into a fresh 64bit server.

High level steps:
  1. Install Centos 6.5 64-bit
    1. Partition more appropriately!!
  2. Install cpanel as per usual
  3. CPmove or restore from account backup of somewhere under 150 hosting packages.

Perhaps rsync of /home might be quicker after the base install but I'm not sure what else would need to move.

I'm just wondering if we can get away with the trail license while migrating stuff across.

We are considering moving the new server to reuse old IP addresses, after the migration is done.

Yes, there could be downtime but we have a window in the short term due to infrastructure changes that will require down time anyway. In case it changes the solution somewhat, we host our servers on VMware esxi.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The steps you listed are in-fact the best way to complete this task. I suggest using the following option if both servers are running at the same time:

"WHM Home » Transfers » Transfer Tool"

This will allow you to transfer multiple accounts. The option is documented here:

cPanel - Transfer Tool

Thank you.