Migrating webmail users from Squirrel to RoundCube


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May 24, 2006
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I must be wording my searches pretty poorly because I can't seem to find anything to resolve this...

Since the recent introduction of RoundCube a lot of my customers who regularly use webmail want to get away from Squirrel/Horde and start using RoundCube, but when they log into webmail their messages and other data do not appear in RoundCube. I have one customer who has about 200mb of email that he does not want to lose, but none of it is visible when he logs into RoundCube instead of Squirrel (which is what he's been using for over a year).

Is it possible to migrate Squirrel/Horder users over to RoundCube and retain all their emails / folders etc... ?

Thanks for any leads or tips!


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Nov 29, 2006
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As Roundcube is merely a different interface to one's email, it should be displaying the messages. You may want to have our technical analysts take a look at your server for you.