Migrating website to another host.


Oct 6, 2010
I need to migrate a full site over to another host which has cpanel.

I want to keep the site running until the transfer is complete. So here is my question.

The host I am transferring to is running cpanel on a main domain. The domain I want to use is the name of the other site, but I don't want to just add the domain to the new host in cpanel because it'll break the site until the trasnfer is complete.

So I need to transfer the site to cpanel then point the domain to the new host.

BUT... how can I do that?

How can I upload the full site and then point the domain to it later on.. because I know you have to add a domain in cpanel and it gives it its own ftp and directory.

I tried testing by creating a new ftp user with access to a ftp directory. Then i uploaded some pages on that.. then i added a domain and made the user for it the same as the user for the previous ftp account along with the same directory.. it didn't seem to show up the pages when I went to the domain.

Please help me out :D



Jan 9, 2011
You could try setting up the site on your new host using a dummy domain name and then when you're ready to make the switch, just change the domain name your new website is using. I have a .net version of my company domain name registered for this very purpose. However, the one problem you'll have using this method is that absolute URL references will point to the old host. I'll be interested to hear if there's a more elegant solution.


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Jun 13, 2008
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The best way is to -

1. Get a full backup at your current host.

2. Transfer the full backup (aka cpmove file) to your new host.

3. Ask the new host to restore the cpmove file. (Optionally check with http://IP-ADDR/~username/ if your host allows)

4. Change the Nameservers.

Keep the site live on old hosting for a few days until you are sure the new DNS has been propagated to the globe.

Use the IP to login to cpanel and ftp until the domain is propagated.

- Vijay