Migration from Cpanel add on domains to own WHM and Cpanels with individual accounts


Jun 3, 2006
Hi everybody,
I have a dedicated server, and I need to migrate a client who has with me an account with Cpanel and add on domains, and now is upgrading his account to one of my resellers accounts plans.
It has now assigned 2 dns:
ns1.maindomain.com.mx IP--> xxx.xx.x.65
ns2.maindomain.com.mx IP--> xxx.xx.x.66

and he does not want to use this dns's anymore, so, he registered a new domain otherdomain.com to have new dns's
I already create the dns zones for that domain and assigned 2 more IP's:
ns1.otherdomain.com --> xxx.xx.xx.17
ns2.otherdomain.com --> xxx.xx.xx.18
(both different from the first ones)

The problem I have is how to separate accounts from the Cpanel add on domains and assigned them individually to a WHM, for my client to create packages and manage his own reseller accounts, without loosing any information at all.

I know that he already has a WHM with the maindomain.com.mx as his main account, but when he signs in to the actual WHM, he see just one account maindomain.com.mx

So, can you tell me how to migrate all the Cpanel add on domains to the new otherdomain.com reseller account (is already created also) with its own Cpanel each one of the 15 domains he has.

Details of my dedicated server:

WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.3-R21703
CENTOS Enterprise 5 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0
Apache 2.0.63
PHP Version: 5.2.5

Hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance


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Apr 30, 2003
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in short here is what I would do...


Create new accounts with generic names like

newaccount1.com username newacc1
newaccount2.com username newacc2
newaccount3.com username newacc3

then go into the main account (active) and note the appropriate sub directory

ie /home/oldusername/public_html/

now using the copy command copy the sub-folder and its contents to the new folder:

cp /home/oldusername/public_html/subfolderyouwanttocopy /home/newacc1/

then go into /home/newacc1
mv public_html / public_html-old
then rename the directory you just moved in to be public_html

ie: mv subdirectoryname public_html
then chown -R newacct1:newacct1 public_html
then chown newacct1:nobody public_html

then repeat for the other accounts.
If there are any databases - go into phpmyadmin and rename to newacct1_olddbname


remove the domain from the parked account

rename the domain in whm from newaccount1.com to its correct domain name.
go back into the folder /home/newacct1/public_html and make the changes to any config files to point to the new database name if needed.

Hope that helps.

How many accounts are there? (15 from the looks of what you said)

Depending on this we could do this for you pretty inexpensive - as could servertune.com / PSM and a few others on here .


Jun 3, 2006
Hi hostmedic, thanks for your answer

As we don't have very much knowledge to do this migration, and my host provider support team regretfully abandon me, I ask you for how much you would do this job for me and the estimate time to do it.

The domains are exactly 15, plus the actual main domain, 16, plus the new domain that would receive the new accounts (dns's) it is a total of 17, but the migration is for 16 only, as the 17th., one is brand new.

I suppose if we are going to pay you, you have a guarantee that the job will be well done and also ontime.

Maybe we can work out some kind of agreement if your price is right and within our budget.

Thanks again and I'll be waiting for your answer.