Migration from Plesk 9.5.4


Feb 27, 2014
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I was originally planning on using the migration service provided by cpanel but I have found myself working to a very tight deadline and wasn't given a lot of time to complete the task.

A while ago we had to move the qmail directory on the old server from the /var to the /home as storage space was running low via the qmail config file which has worked without any hitches.

I have set up the new server with Centos and installed cpanel on a trial license whilst I get everything migrated across. I used the tool within cpanel to copy accounts across from the other server and upon first glance it looks as if everything went across okay. After I went in to check one of the largest accounts I noticed there was a problem as the size of the directory was too small. I went in and compared both accounts and noticed some of the email accounts were missing and only held old information.

From what I can see, when the migration tool packaged the accounts it referenced the default directory and not the current email directory hence missing out a lot of new accounts and emails. Is there anyway I can manually specify where the email directory is stored or can anyone advise of the best way to migrate them across manually?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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May 20, 2003
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From within your new server's WHM, top right corner, is a small life preserver looking icon for, Support. Clicking it opens a menu where you'll find a link to "Contact cPanel". Use that to open a new support system account and place a ticket mentioning this Migration in the subject line so the ticket can be directed to the proper support channel at cPanel.

The cPanel Migration Team can surely help you sort this out, and the Support System is the best way to get in touch with them. The chances of any of them visiting these forums on a weekend are slim I think.