Migration from Plesk to Cpanel - Email accounts


Jun 27, 2011

Understand that it's possible to migrate a domain from Plesk to Cpanel. And there's even a free migration server provided by cPanel which is wonderful.

1) We are using VPS plan currently and due to the growing bandwidth needs, we are adviced to upgrade to another VPS plan which is using cpanel (i think they are not using plesk anymore). Would we be quality for the free migration service? What i found mentions only delicated servers, would VPS qualify?

2) Was wondering, during migration of the domain from a server (plesk) to another server (Cpanel), i presume all email accounts and existing emails would be migrated as well.
What the chances of hicups?

3) We had actived the SPI for email on the Plesk.
Anything to be done after the migration for this?

4) Any other things to look out for?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

I have moved this thread over to our Migrations forum for you.

1) Yes, we can complete the migration from Plesk to cPanel on standard or VPS machines.

2) This is correct. Email accounts and existing emails stored on the Plesk server are migrated. There are generally no issues with this, but we can alert you of any potential problems during our initial assessment.

3) To clarify, are you referring to a Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall on the Plesk server, or another tool?

4) We complete a full assessment of both servers before starting a migration. This will allow us to check for and provide you with details on possible issues that may arise. There is always the potential for unforeseen problems that may occur due to customized setups and/or changes to the competing product that differ from our testing environments. We will do our best to accommodate in repairing the extra issues that could arise.

Feel free to open a ticket at anytime if you would like to get started with the initial assessment and migration:

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Thank you.