Migration Problems Unable to find owner


May 30, 2016
Portage la Prairie
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Trying to move a domain and I continue to get the error

"The system failed to find an owner for the domain “ADD-ON_DOMAIN.TLD”."

I've tried googling for this error but can't find anything thats similar to my issue;

We have 2 dedicated servers with BlueHost (SITH1 & SITH2) we'd like to migrate our client's from SITH1 to SITH2 (Looking to remove #1)

Every other domain went perfect with the transfer tool.
This one domain has not.
It has several add-on domains (all of them but this ONE addon came over!)
Problem is, this one addon also has a SSL attached to it.

Any ideas on why its not transferring?