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Jun 21, 2019
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based on the linked documentation this should be:

Email AddressUserName
[email protected]myname*admin-username
[email protected]myname*admin-username
[email protected]info*admin-username
Hi Lauren

Column A I believe is the destination email address on Microsoft Exchange
docs.microsoft.com said:
Create a list of user mailboxes using admin credentials to access them
  • Column A is the email address of the user's Office 365 mailbox. This is what's shown in the username column under Users > Active users in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • Column B is the combination of the mailbox admin name and username that's specific to your source email system. See Format mailbox admin credentials for different IMAP servers for formatting instructions.
  • Column C is the password for the mailbox admin account.
Column B I need to find the usernames specific to below emails, "info" is unique but an addon domain, "myname" is used for both the main domain and addon domain?
Also I have cPanel Version 80.0 (build 18) am I correct in this uses Dovecot?

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