Mini cPanel with simple subscription functionality ...


Mar 14, 2020
United States
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Hello Friends:

I hope everyone is well. I'm brand new here and have a question.

I'm looking for something like cPanel, but not for website or server hosting. I need something much simpler, but don't know where to look. The features are:

  • A sign-up and login start page.
  • Once logged in, a dashboard for user account, paid subscription signup and subscription status information. Maybe even the ability to sign up for a newsletter. Very simple.
  • Other than being able to update account and payment information, there will be nothing to manage. What they get for their timed-subscription is an access URL specific for them, a username (which can reuse their username at sign-up) and password (but not the website login password). These items can be shown on that dashboard.
  • Perhaps a welcome email can be sent as well, containing the above pertinent information.

So it's really just a login and subsequent panel / dashboard to subscribe to a service hosted elsewhere (which the URL points them to).

Does anyone know if cPanel offers this use-case and/or other simple software I can use. I searched ThemeForest for a WordPress template, but didn't find anything like this (maybe my search terms were not great). I'm open to suggestions, especially ones that are very secure.

Thank you in advance. :)