Minor Bug? - Capitalized Domains and Missing Web Statistics


Jan 13, 2006
This applies to cPanel 10.9.0-R79 and lower. I'm not sure if this applies to current/edge versions.

Today I had to fix an issue where web statistics weren't generating for a domain. I found that when someone had changed the primary domain for an account through WebHostManager, they just copied the domain from somewhere where someone (some people like doing this for some reason) had capitalized the domain. WebHostManager apparently doesn't run the input through any function to convert it to/ensure it's lowercase.

Apache handles the caps just fine but it would seem the web statistics script expects the apache access logs to have all lowercase characters. Therefore it doesn't recognize/find the access log for the domain and statistics are not generated.

The problem is easily corrected by editing httpd.conf to change the domain to all lowercase in the VirtualHost entry and renaming the existing log files to all lowercase then restarting Apache and running /scripts/runweblogs on the user. Should be easily corrected in a future release if it hasn't already been.