Mirroring mail server for auto failover


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Jan 10, 2014
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We are using cpanel/whm only as a mail server (with spamassassin) and webmail.
We are setting up a mirror environment with 2 servers. When one of the 2 is unreachable all traffic is directed to the other one. Eventually when the main is back the traffic is automatically/manually redirected back. So we are setting up some kind of real time sync for that. We are using GLusterFS for the filesystem but we are in doubt about the DB.
Is it essential to sync it in real time for mail servers? Which important info are stored there for webmail/mailserver (considering whm functions like cphulk or spamassasin stuff).
Do you suggest syncing the db in realtime as well? WIth what? Percona? We have only 2 servers (virtualized).
Thanks in advace


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You could install CSF/LFD and disable cPHulk brute force detection if you wanted to avoid syncing that database. Beyond that, the only other MySQL database that's going to interact with Exim is the "eximstats" database. This database is responsible for maintaining email bandwidth logs, limiting email usage, and populating data for the Mail Delivery Reports. It's not required, so you could disable it via "WHM Home >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager" if you wanted to avoid syncing the database.

Thank you.