Missing emails and Where To Find Logs


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Jun 10, 2004
Hi, I have just updated the system to the latest release version of cPanel 11 as well as upgraded the mailboxes to maildir.

I have a client who has been receiving regular weekly emails from a particular UPS (United Parcel Service) address to their account for quite a while now. Now coincidentally, after the upgrade, they are not receiving those emails. We have had UPS resend the emails several times, but the only emails that we were able to receive came to another server. They are getting some other emails from UPS from *.ups.com, but the critical one is not showing up.

(I have also backtraced the log file to identify when those emails had come through previously, and it appears that SA didn't have them flagged as spam)

We have whitelisted the *.ups.com domain in SpamAssassin, but nothing. I have checked the maillog file and can find no record of the emails even being received by the server at all. I assume that the maillog shows all email transactions that are attempting to get sent to addresses on the server.

OK my questions:
1) Is there any place besides the maillog file that records the receipt of an email through the server?

2) Are the any diagnostic tips or tricks that someone can recommend to find out if a particular email is being received or attempted to receive a particular email other than sifting through the maillog files?

3) If the email record isn't showing up in the maillog file, then does that mean that SA didn't even have a chance to see it?

4) Are there any other records of email transaction that might be important in tracing this problem?

Any other advice for this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Sep 14, 2004
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In WHM / Exim Configuration Editor:

Use callouts to verify the existence of email senders. Basiclly, exim will connect to the mail exchanger for a given address to make sure it exists before accepting mail from it.

If you have the above enabled (checkmarked), then uncheckmark it, save, and see if you can now get the emails you were looking for. Callouts create problems for people a lot of times.


If you do not see any reference to the emails sent by UPS in those files, then they aren't making it to your server for whatever reason.



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Jun 10, 2004
Awesome. That did it! I found the referenced email in the files and as you predicted, it was being rejected because it couldn't be verified.

Thanks a ton!