Jan 26, 2013
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Hi guys,

I'm new one in WHM, and by my mistake I not able anymore to manage root keys.

Here my steps:

By mistake I typed this command:
usermod -d some_dir root
After that, I wasn't able to log any more as the root user via ssh.
After I add another user in wheel group, I loged in and via su root , I corrected that mistake by typing the command:
usermod -d root root
Now everything works fine and I can login via SSH. What I can't do is managing root keys from WHM. Although my keys are inside /root/.ssh dir, I can't see them inside WHM. I also tried to generate new one, and they are generated inside / instead /root/.ssh (I guess).

So how to fix this problem and regain functionality relate to managing root keys from WHM?

Thanks a lot.
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