missing theme when editing package or adding package


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Dec 10, 2015
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I have the same cP-Starter-Dark theme, in both locations:
  • /var/cpanel/reseller/styled
  • /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/

When I log into mydomain.tld:2087 and try to either edit package or add package, my newly uploaded theme is missing. All I see is paper_lantern...

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than scroll to bottom...

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I have tried a few things:
  • logout than log back in
  • open new private tab and try logging in again
  • goto theme manager and clicking Manage Theme --> Customize Style tab --> clicking Set as Default
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Apr 11, 2011

You will need to follow the instructions outlined under "Step 4" in the URL you referenced to change the default style for new accounts, and then to update the style for existing accounts:

  1. Change your style interface:
    • Server:
      • Log in to the server via SSH as the root user
      • Run the command:
        • ln -s /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/cP_Starter_Dark /var/cpanel/customizations/styled/default_style (Note: This sets the default for all new accounts. It does not modify any existing accounts. To do so, you will need to change default style under “cPanel User” instruction.)
    • Reseller:
      • Login to cPanel
      • Navigate to Change Style: Home >> Preferences >> Change Style
      • Select “Set as Default” to apply every cPanel account or select “Apply” for specific account.
    • cPanel User:
      • Login to cPanel
      • Navigate to cPanel Style: Home >> Preferences >> Change Style
      • Click “Apply”
The style is not assigned at the package level, and the theme assigned to the accounts should remain Paper Lantern.

Thank you.