Aug 17, 2003
The last month the Webalizer gave me users statistics, (which users have logged into password protected areas and how many pages they viewed,) was last June. The users catagory does not appear for July or August of this year. for these months It does not appear as a link at the top of the page, nor does the data appear anywhere in the page. What happened that the Webalizer no longer presents this data? Can it be made to collect and present it again? This data is of great importance to me.

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Mar 11, 2003
I have noticed some missing and/or disparaging stats in Webalizer and Awstats as well. The later of the two being the worst. I have disabled Awstats to minimize confusion. Webalizer is reporting 700MB transfer used while WHM/CP report in excess of 3GB for one user.

The 16th and 17th did not update until the 18th. I do not know what is goingon with the stats but they have been screwed up since July!

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