missinglangkey CSS style is breaking foreign langs templates

Kent Brockman

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Jan 20, 2008
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Hi, this is for the cPanel staff. I'm using the spanish translation of X3, and noticed that when cPanel discover a missing lang key, inserts an SPAN html tag, css styled, to mark the faulty key. The problem is that if there are present missing keys in a template that uses the missing text string into an title or alt tag, this SPAN will break the html.
This can be checked in example if you try to "Click to Edit" any MX entry in the cPanel MX Editor for any given account.

The "missinglangkey" css style works well when appears in the middle of normal text, but corrupts html or even a javascript if inserted inside an alt tag or inside a js variable.

I don't know if this issue may be solved/mitigated. I hope so.
Best regards.