Mixed case/lowercase character Forwarders fail to forward


Mar 4, 2014
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Issue and steps to reproduce:

1) Existing forwarder contains mixed case characters.

2) Add another forwarder, with the same mixed case characters, to forward to a different destination.

3) The second forwarder shows up in all small letters only, and fails to work.


[email protected] forwards to [email protected]

Then try to add [email protected] again, to forward to [email protected].

In the forwarder list, they will show up as:

[email protected] to [email protected]
[email protected] to [email protected]

(ie. the second time you add a forwarder, even if you enter it in mixed case, the system will only record it as all small letters, but the original mixed case entry remains in mixed case.)

Then send a test email to [email protected] or [email protected].
Both tests will result in delivery only to [email protected].
Nothing will be delivered to [email protected].
There will not even be a trace of the second forwarder.
(If you click on the "Trace" link next to the forwarders, they will BOTH be analyzed as delivering to [email protected], and NEITHER will show [email protected] in the delivery map at all.)

I assumed this must be a new issue since I was able to add the original forwarder as a mixed case entry previously, but now suddenly cannot.

However, I found a very old thread here Email Forwarder no lower takes upper case letters in the email address which appears to match my situation perfectly. It dates from 2008 but the thread does not show any indication of the issue having been resolved.


Assuming that the problem has something to do with the mixed cases resulting in the system somehow failing to recognize any similar forwarders in small letters if a pre-existing forwarder is in mixed case, can I work around this by simply removing the original forwarder and re-entering it from scratch in all small letters?

As my current forwarders in mixed case are still working, and this is for a live production site, I am hesitant to delete them in case any re-entered versions fail to work altogether.

Any suggestions/fixes would be most appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Right, it's no longer possible to add forwarders with capitalization (the capitals are converted to lowercase during the forwarder creation). You can delete the forwarders with capitals, and then re-create the forwarder with all lowercase letters.

Thank you.