Mod Security Issues Logging into WP-LOGIN


Feb 14, 2015
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Hi Everyone, today I tried to login to one of my websites and it caused immediate panic! I could not login to the wp-login on that site...I reset the password, and then tried again. When I couldn't I went into panic mode (in the past sites have been hijacked).

So I logged into cpanel, started checking my access logs, and started analyzing my files, database users, etc to see if anything looked out of the ordinary, and it did not.

Then on the bottom of my cpanel dashboard I noticed that their was this new green icon called Mod Security!

Long story short I disabled it for the domain name, and then I was finally able to login to my wordpress website!

Talk about a scare.

I am not familiar with Mod Security but now I will begin researching it much further.

I am just wondering if anyone would know why Mod Security would block me from logging into ANY of the websites on this server? I have about 100 websites running on this particular server and all had the same issue.

This is my first post but I am really looking forward to being part of this community and hopefully learning from all you cpanel pros!


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Oct 20, 2009
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ModSecurity in general is a very good thing; almost necessary in this age of constant CMS attacks.

Anyway, sometimes some rules do cause issues; you need to check the apache error log or in the WHM modsecurity tool for the hits list to see what rule ID(s) may be causing you problems. Assuming you are using 11.46 or 11.48 you should be able to whitelist the troublesome rule IDs right from WHM.