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Aug 29, 2009
Hi everyone. I been working hard on this for MONTHS now. For some reason or another mod_rewrite is just not working right. If I ssh / root to see if mod_rewrite is working it say yes. Is it possible on a user level it's not. I mean like for a site.

I been banging my head on this. I even opened up two support tickets before to just get told that it's working. I mean support are great people, don't get me wrong.

I tried playing with the .httaccess file with no luck at all. But now I really need this to work. With some scripts even if it states I have a issue with mod_rewrite it still works. I just don't get it. But now with a much better cms I'm trying to use it just wont work right.

I tried a mod_rewrite test with a few files in a user account with no luck.

Would anyone have a idea.


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Oct 9, 2006
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You can do some test as follows,

1) make a sample rule let usa say /someurl redirect to someurl.php
2) install wordpress and test the rewrite