SOLVED mod_userdir needs to be disabled if running PHP-FPM?


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May 24, 2006
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I'm hoping that someone can confirm that the Apache mod_userdir Tweak needs to be set to Disabled (in other words - remove the check mark from the box next to "Enable mod_userdir Protection" in WHM > Security Center > Apache mod_userdir Protection) if I have enabled PHP-FPM on all user accounts in a shared sever environment.

I've been a bit confused on this issue because it was always recommended to Enable mod_userdir except for the Default/Nobody user, but in the current documentation at Apache mod_userdir Tweak - Version 84 Documentation - cPanel Documentation there is a Warning about mod_userdir with PHP-FPM.

Before I enabled PHP-FPM on all accounts, my PHP handler was suphp , and even after enabling PHP-FPM on all accounts, WHM > Software > MultiPHP Manager > PHP Handlers still says the PHP Handler for all versions of PHP on the server is still suphp

However, I've also read that by having PHP-FPM enabled in MultiPHP Manager that it "overrides" the suphp handler somehow.

So, hopefully my confusion on this is understandable.

Based on Apache mod_userdir Tweak - Version 84 Documentation - cPanel Documentation I've just now gone in and disabled the Apache mod_userdir Tweak, but my servers have been running with it Enabled for quite a long time now with it Enabled even while all accounts have PHP-FPM enabled.

I guess I'm just looking for clarification / confirmation that Disabling the Apache mod_userdir Tweak is the proper setting.

Basic environment - WHM/cPanel 84, Release Tier, EA4, CloudLinux 6.1.0, CSF/LFD

Thanks for any responses / opinions!
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Nov 20, 2019
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Hello @Metro2,

Thank you for contacting cPanel!

You are correct. When PHP-FPM is in use it is not possible to use mod_userdir. When enabling PHP-FPM, the system makes the required changes, and you do not need to manullay disable mod_userdir on your end.

As noted on the Home >> Software >> MultiPHP Manager >> PHP Handlers page in WHM, "PHP Handlers do not apply to PHP-FPM." Therefore, even though the PHP Handler is set to suphp for all versions of PHP for your server, suphp will not be in use for accounts that have PHP-FPM enabled.

I hope that clarifies the matter for you. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

Best regards
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