Modify first site for shared IP. Catch all subdomain in Web Server


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One customer with dedicated server has a problem.

If a customer create a point in his DNS for subdomain to point to server, and my customer has not create already a correspondent subdomain in server, server show first subdomain create on httpd.conf

I've tried several ways on older post in this forum, but any work fine with EA4.

Is possible create a subdomain for catch all requests without a properly domain or subdomains that point to shared IP ?


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Instead of trying to sort that based on a subdomain, it might be better to make a default virtual host for each IP address. That way, it won't matter what domain or subdomain is used to connect to the server.

You can find some additional details on that here: How Can I Set a Default Virtual Host For Each IP Address?