Modify Suspended Account Page - for resellers? Possible?


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Mar 13, 2004
I was flatly surprised to find the "Modify Suspended Account Page" feature missing from the Edit Privileges list in the Reseller Center. Am I missing something here?

Is it true that the Modify Suspended Account Page feature is missing for the resellers? If so, then this makes it pretty difficult to give our resellers the capability to suspend their "resold" accounts while at the same time trying to keep our corporate identity (as their parent company) out of the picture. We do advertise a complete branding solution, but this seems to knock a hole in that one.

This is awkward at best, and at worse we lose hosting account resellers, e.g. when they suspend one of their own resold accounts and then their customer is directed to us instead of them to get their payments straight.

Or am I missing something here?