Apr 17, 2010
Romania, bucharest
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Hello. I Need some help :)

1: I have a dedicated Server, i am root and i want to create cpanel users with webdisk Access.
2: Every user, will add other webdisj users .

What is the Problem?
- The Problem that when i create an user, if he connects to webdisk, he is pointed to /home/username/
But there are other Folders/document about cpanel logs, E-Mail, Passwords.. etc .
- The Problem number too, is the autocomple from cpanel when the user i created wants to create another user. So, the autocomplete Points to public_html/newsubuser

What i Need?
1: A way to modify the accounts i create, so that when they Login to webdisk, instead of reaching /home/user/ to reach /home/user/webdisk/ and inside of this Folder to not have anything else except the other webdisk users that my Client creates them.

2: A way to modify the autocomple in cpanel webdisk ( when adding users ) to modify the autocomplete from public_html/subuser to /webdisk/subuser

P.S it would be greate if i modify something as a template so that everyuser i add in future, to get the same Settings.

I hope i get an answer ASAP :)
thank you.

I mention that i don't use the Server for anything else. Just for webdisk and for automatic e-mails when they exceed disk space use.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. The Main Web Disk Account has the same login information as your cPanel account. This account has access to all the files in your home directory on the server. The main account cannot be deleted. I am not aware of any method of changing the directory the main account has access to. You are welcome to open a feature request for this via:

Submit A Feature Request

2. It's the intended behavior for the directory path to default to the public_html directory and the name of the virtual user you are creating. EX:

While you can modify this value each time you add an account, there are no native options to configure the default path. The templates for this option are stored in:

There may be a method to modify the template files in this directory similar to the method used for FTP accounts in the past on this thread:

Customizing Directory Path for FTP Users

Thank you.