Modules failing, server runs very slowly


Nov 27, 2004
I have had a problem the last few weeks with the exim, mysql, cppop, cpsrvd and Apache failing.
Can anyone tell me if there is a bug in WHM cPanel that could cause this? We are now running WHM 10.0.0 cPanel 10.0.0-R85 It was running just fine for about 9 months.
We are not quite sure if all of these failures are related or not, but exim seems to be the biggest problem area right now.
I understand that the exiscan is now built into exim so what can we do to disable the scanner?
The service manager only has spamd optional in it. Is there any options? Outside of editing the exim config file.
We send and receive a lot of mail from our server. Exim appears not to be able to handle large amounts of injected mail or incoming mail very well. It is especially affected by scanning for viruses in emails and holding them in the mail queue until set queue timeout is reached.
Are there any ways to get the scanner to delete the infected email automatically but still send the headers with a virus notification if there is no way to actually shut down the scanner?


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Sep 9, 2001
We've had this problem horribly over the past 2 days. It was so bad that a hard drive failed yesterday and had to be replaced. That was supposed to solve it (we assumed it was just a bad hard drive causing things to run slow then fail).

We can't correlate this with any increase of activity or an attack on our server. Something in WHM/CPanel had to have just changed that is causing every service to fail repeatedly throughout the day since 5am EST on February 16.