Monitoring Employee Email Accounts and Vacation Messages


Dec 18, 2020
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We have an issue we found that I need to know if it is working properly. For new employees we monitor their emails for issues or problems and to help them during their training period. On our old system (squirrlmail) we were able to add a forward that would forward copies of all emails to the address of our choice. (this was not able to be seen by the employee in their interface to webmail.

We recently moved to cpanel and it seems we need to insert an entry into the Email forwarder section under their account they can see and change if needed. Them seeing it is not as big a deal as the issue we are seeing that when their manager goes on vacation and enables a vacation autoresponder that autoresponder goes to every single email contact that the employee gets an email from. I am not sure that is how this is supposed to work? Or is it?

Looking for a solution on if there is a way to put in an invisible forwarder to a manager etc that the employee cannot see, change and does not send out autoresponses or even the fixing of the autoresponses would be most helpful.

Any help would be great.
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! While it's a bit older, this thread is a great resource for this work, as we do get this question from time to time:

Can you check that and let me know if that works for your situation?