Monitoring outgoing email for broadcasts

Operating System & Version
CloudLinux 8
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Feb 23, 2022
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Root Administrator
We have a server where exim is configured to send all mail through the Postmark deliverability service. By default all mail is sent through the transactional queue at Postmark, and if bulk broadcasts are sent (e.g. newsletters, donation drive requests, etc.) then we run the risk of having all email halted at Postmark as you're not allowed to send broadcast messages through their transactional streams. We don't necessarily want to stop these emails from going out, but we would like to be notified if these broadcasts are discovered so that we can set up those accounts with their own Postmark servers to improve deliverability all around. Is this something that is possible through WHM/cPanel or do we need to come up with some custom solution? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.