MONO x CPANEL - Installation (Mono Fails)


Oct 9, 2012
Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil
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Hi ppl, good evening!

Well, i guess there´s some bug when we try to install mono, after cpanel + whm installation...

Idk... but my tests were:

1) I created a new VirtualBox VM, CentOS 5.9 32bits, without cpanel/whm, and then i ran this famous script:

Everything works, pretty AWESOME, mono was running ok, with entity framework and everything i need.

2) I created a new VirtualBox VM, CentOS 5.9 32bits, ive instaled the cpanel/whm (LATEST), and then i ran the same script...

And well, idk but the 503 error keep showing, when i access the same page that was working in the other VM... and without logs, without nothing to see wuts wrong...

The configuration file, are the same in both machines, the is the same, everything about mono is the same... i really cant get this...

So here is my questions:

1) Is there any dependencies in whm/cpanel that locks mono?
Ive disabled the mod_ruid2, the one that i could see in the EasyApache, that disables mod_mono, but still getting the same 503 error...

2) Is there any way to see what s going on, any way to see cpanel logs, or something?

3) How can we fix that?

Thanks in advance guys!