More Paper Lantern Feedback


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Mar 22, 2008
cPanel has released 11.42 with the new modern Paper Latern.

There is nothing wrong with new things, sure, but cPanel does not even hide the fact this is not finished.

I remember some years ago when cPanel wanted to re brand cPanel they took months and months and finally nothing happen, they posted a few pics in the forums and that design was even better than this new Latern. Now Paper Latern was shortly introduced in the forums for feedback and just a few weeks later its already released in the release tier?

In the cPanel homepage they advertise it already but then it reads its new and early in the development and its an ongoing development, they also say "Development in Progress
Nothing, including the visual presentation of Paper Lantern, is permanent at this point and we need your feedback more than ever. Let us know what we’re getting right, what needs improvement, and if you have ideas about how we can make Paper Lantern even better"

This is fine from an open source software, free, etc. Not for a paid commercial software which companies rely on.

Let me just say this. Does cPanel expect companies to start using it just to have it then changed again and new features added or even removed?

Do you know how EXPENSIVE its for a company to introduce GUI changes for their users and services?

You have a look, you have a theme, you coded changes into, you added links, you added plugins, you made video tutorials, you made documentations, you have screen shots all over the place, not to mention staff knows around and so do customers.

Now, a new theme? Fine, it costs a fortune to rewrite the whole documentation, take all the screen shots again, make all the new tutorials, videos, etc, all from scratch, plus put all the new changes, update all the brochures, and who else knows what you made in all this years related to cPanel which is the face of most shared services. Because you cannot advertise one thing and offer something else to users. Its not acceptable.

Now, what bothers me and allot with this, is that cPanel introduces something that is not finished, and will be further developed. Where does that leave everything I said? Do they expect companies and people offering cPanel to rewrite and adapt themselves to every small new tweak on every new release? Yes think about this, someone watching a video or a screen shots is someone so newbie he needs visual clues to get around, even the slightest changes confuses them and renders a tutorials useless. I have better time than play a catch up game with cPanel changes.

Now, changes costs companies ALLOT of money, in particular GUI changes, because releasing a new theme for customers is easy, having to change all your documentation, videos, re-train staff, customers, new support tickets, make all the advertising and marketing, costs a fortune.

So please cPanel, what are you thinking about using commercial users as beta testers? I have no reason to offer someone something that is not done and is FINAL not a "Development in Progress" like cPanel says.

Testing things is nice, but introducing them in a release version?

This bothers me, in particular because when even cPanel claims its not finished and changes are going to be introduced. cPanel is not Google that needs to update its browser every week, and neither they need to copy this fast development cycle that everyone actually hates, in particular companies. Security updates are one thing, new features are another, but something as drastic as a complete GUI is something different.

For the past updates, at least this year 2014, cPanel is introducing changes so fast, and they are breaking things. Even their cPanel DNS servers are bloated now and use over 4GB in files which 99% are not needed in the DNS versions, it was 400 MB before, the releases are sloppy, untested and full of bugs, and now they are introducing beta things int the release tiers. I would not have a problem with this except that I pay for this software, its not free and I expect a commercial company to behave like one and not be playing around their software.

And this is a constructive critic, please don´t take it the wrong way, its not a complain either, its more like a question of "What is going on there?". This is not the cPanel I know.