more problems with multiple domains


Mar 9, 2003
i replied to an earlier thread, but it was long and old, so i thought i should post here in hopes of a response. thanks in advance.

after reading all the replies here [referring to twiztv's post on multiple domain hosting] and in all the other similar posts, i still cannot get multiple domains to work. note first of all i'm not a reseller, i'm only using cPanel, not WHM. but admin at eryxma has said yes for sure you can have multip domain under just cPanel.

in the previous reply, said:

"ok say i have and
when i goto add-on domains i create and point to it."

so that's what i'm working from here, but perhaps i'm misunderstanding it. can someone please layout the steps to take one at a time, and be very specific about which cPanel tool to use for which action? thanks. here's the details of my problem:

so, i have and i've added under "Addon Domains" and cPanel in turn set up domain2dir, a new directory for that domain.

then, i set up subdomain redirection so that domain2dir goes to

and is not visible on the web. note that yes, dns has been properly set up (i know because i first did it as a parked domain and it showed the content of just fine) and i've waited for propogation.