Mounting old primary to access cpanel installation help


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Nov 4, 2003
Hi all,

Hope someone can offer advice, not been in this situation before.

Our server hard drive was failing with SMART errors and we were getting I/O errors and the system kept going into Read Only mode.

We now have a new hard drive installed as sba and the failing hard drive as sbd.
A fresh installation off CentOS and WHM/cPanel has been installed on the new primary drive and were ready to go.
We have data backups but not cpanel backups, yes i have now learnt my lesson! :|

We would like to pull the cpanel accounts from the old drive, is this possible?
I have seen the rsync article at: Restoring Cpanel from old drive after crash or hack - The Planet Forums

Would this work for us?

I have tried mounting the old drive with: mount /dev/sdb3
But cant use the mount command with '/old' only '/home' will work, but dont want to complicate things.
Would it be wise to rename on old hard drive?

My linux knowledge is very basic. :)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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May 20, 2003
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If you follow those instructions you're bound to make a bigger mess than you've already got on your hands. That thread is from 2003 and MUCH has changed in cPanel since then. If you're not comfortable or familiar with whats needed, you should hire someone who can help. I would not suggest going this sort of restore, alone not knowing whats needed.

You can find Server Administration here from this link:
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